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Sandra Davies

Mobile: 07786 068572


In Sandra's own words...

From a career working with horses and ponies I realize that regular massage is very important for all horses, for their physical, emotional and mental well-being, for recovery from injury and for ensuring correct muscular development during growth and training.

Over the years I have continued to develop the way I work and now offer a 4 step holistic approach.

Step 1.  Equine Communication

I receive impressions directly from the horses by fine tuning my senses.  I feel their emotional state.  I listen to the energy within their bodies and I see from the point of view of the horses and find out what is important to them.  I then discuss these impressions with the owner.

Step 2.  Bodywork

I give massage, craniosacral therapy, light touch and healing with specialised stretches according to what is most acceptable to the horse.

Step 3.  Instruction

As a horsemanship coach I offer instruction for the owner to cover all training with groundwork, classical dressage flatwork and jumping.  I also give bodywork tips and techniques for the owner to help their horse.

Step 4.  Support

To be there as a continuing support for horse and owner giving coaching and guidance to the partnerships.

I work closely with veterinary and other professionals to ensure all the needs of the horse and owner can be met.

In addition to helping owners with their goals and aspirations I regularly enjoy schooling and competing on clients horses and continue my professional development by attending a range of courses.  My continuing aim is to listen to and work with the horse and owner to achieve balance and harmony on all levels.



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