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Membership of the N.A.R.E.M.T is offered to all students who have successfully completed the comprehensive foundation course as well as the diploma course.

With the ever-increasing popularity and recognition of equine massage therapy, N.A.R.E.M.T remains dedicated to providing professionally trained therapists to practice ‘The Intellectual Art Of Equine Massage Therapy’.

Every member of the N.A.R.E.M.T. has successfully completed their studies and training through run through the N.A.R.E.M.T. or through another approved training resource.

Every member of the N.A.R.E.M.T. works in accordance within the associations’ strict ‘code of conduct’, ensuring high levels of competence, skill and professionalism, serving the public with trust and confidence.

The N.A.R.E.M.T. provides each member and clientele with an established and continual line of support, advice and guidance.

Membership Benefits
Benefiting from the professional security of the N.A.R.E.M.T, each member enjoys their privileges including:

  • Members webpage and web address with your own direct email link

  • Each member receives a certificate of membership

  • Each member may use the letters N.A.R.E.M.T. after their name

  • A choice of practical seasonal clothing from the N.A.R.E.M.T logo range

  • The achievement of professional and personal growth

  • Opportunity to participate in educational opportunities

  • Receive news on insurance updates

  • Become a visible part of N.A.R.E.M.T and a resource to others


How To Apply


Annual Membership of N.A.R.E.M.T -  £50


First of all contact Laura who will assess your eligibility for membership. 


After that, to pay by BACS or by cheque, please ask for details.



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