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Based in Oxfordshire and Worcestershire

In Laura's own words . . .

I first became interested in equine massage through the love I have for my horse Jess. I have owned Jess for the past 11 years and throughout this time Jess has suffered with intense back problems due to her previous working life. After using many different options for treating these problems I found that massage was the most  effective, causing a total state of relaxation of body and mind allowing the muscles to relax and begin to repair themselves.

This type of treatment has kept Jess comfortable and in work when I had begun to think that my only option for her was retirement.

Having watched the effect just hands can have on my beloved mare I decided that I would like to train and qualify in equine massage so that I could help her continued recovery and also help my other horse Douglas to become more relaxed and accepting of people. Seeing how much massage was helping both my horses I decided my dream was to help many other horses in this way.

I now work full time as an equine massage therapist and tutor covering Oxfordshire through to Worcestershire, treating a large number of horses from various backgrounds and working disciplines.



NAREMT - Equine Massage Therapy

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