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Dominique Dainton-McElroy

Holistic Equine Massage Therapy Practitioner

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Mobile: 02108376705



Now based in Auckland New Zealand (North Island)

In Dominique’s own words.......

I first became interested in Equine Massage Therapy during my time managing the training and exercise of racehorses within racing yards in the UK and America.

During this time, science and technology have dramatically advanced the understanding of a horse’s wellbeing and performance, giving a greater insight to the positive differences we, as Sports Therapists, can make. During my successful career I have been privileged to work with some of the most talented horses, trainers and professionals sharing knowledge and best practice that combine both old and developing ideas and techniques. Yet, after all the successes, I still felt something was missing from the training regime that would further enhance the high standard of care that we had in place.

Referrals to veterinary practitioners, farriers and chiropractors often left owners and my team frustrated where no reason could be found for the horse being impeded. The tight margins between winning and losing made me strive to get the absolute most out of the horse and I wasn’t prepared to accept this assessment. Daily, rigorous and hands-on checks of all horses in my care allowed me to detect signs of restriction, discomfort and strain, not always apparent by others if they were assessing the horse for the first time. I was keen to research not only how to eliminate but also prevent further development of any issues. The horses’ wellbeing is paramount in all that I do. Issues, however minor, when left untreated would likely result in injury, a pattern that I have witnessed often.


My skills and practices compliment those of Veterinary Practitioners, Farriers, Chiropractors, Osteopaths and Nutritionists. I have always had a great relationship working alongside these professions and been supported along the way to follow my passion and professional training.


After many years of treating and caring for horses in my care, in 2011, I qualified as a Holistic Equine Massage Therapy practitioner. I have been practicing professionally ever since, gaining additional advanced and supplementary qualifications along the way.


Having witnessed the affects equine massage treatments can have on horses and ponies of all disciplines, particularly when coupled with a tailored training programme, I made the decision to become a full time Equine Therapist covering my local area and beyond.


I quickly gained trust and built professional relationships with veterinary practices, expanding my knowledge further and establishing a wide range of clients.


In 2017 I emmigrated to Auckland, New Zealand, where I have been lucky enough to continue doing what I love.


Agility Equine Sports Massage Therapy and Rehabilitation treats all horses and ponies from happy hackers to top performance horses and I have experience in many disciplines



*Racehorses *Harness Racing *Eventing *Show jumping

*Dressage *Polo *Endurance *Hunters *Happy Hackers


AESMT Maintenance & Rehabilitation Holistic Therapy


I have many treatment packages available, tailored for your and your horse’s needs and ambitions.


Treatment available:

Initial Full Examination and treatment session

Follow up Examination and treatment session

Regular Maintenance treatment sessions

Rehabilitation, Healing treatment sessions

Pre and Post competition treatment sessions


Please contact me with any questions or to book an appointment. I look forward to meeting you.


Covering all of Auckland and beyond.




Special rates can be discussed on request from professional for yards with regular/group bookings.


Fully qualified and Insured.




NAREMT - Holistic Equine Massage Therapy Practitioner (Distinction)

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