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Crusader Equine Solutions

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Mobile: 07494 534414

Facebook: Crusader Equine Solutions

Covering Staffordshire, West Midlands and surrounding areas. 

In Emma's own words...


Horses are my life, with over 35 years experience having had horses and ponies from a very young age. I studied at Rodbaston Equine Collage and went on to offer a schooling and breaking service. 


I was approached by a lady owner who was having behavioral problems with her horse and had taken advice from everyone (including instructors)who had all said the horse was being 'naughty'. After working with the horse, I could see the horse was neither 'naughty' or 'difficult' but was in pain and had an issue with co-ordination.


I advised the owner to seek Veterinary advice and the horse was diagnosed with Ataxia and consequently retired. This made me decide I wanted to help horses holistically.


I trained and qualified as a Equine Sports Massage and Rehabilitation Therapist. As part of my CPD, I also qualified as a Myofascial Release Practioner, gained diploma's in Equine Psychology & Behavior, and Animal Reiki.


My treatments are bespoke and tailored to your equine's needs. This means the treatment your horse or pony recieves will contain a combination of the treatments I offer according to their needs.  


Treatments I offer include: - 

Bodywork Massage - Sports Massage - Rehabilitation Therapy - Myofascial Release - Red Light Therapy 



- Equine Massage Sports and Rehabilitation

- Myofascial Release Practioner

- Equine Psychology & Behavior

- Animal Reiki

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