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Mobile: 07983353001



Based in Sufolk

In Charlie's own words:

 I have over fourteen years experience as a professional massage therapist, beginning my career working on the human body and have continued my education to become fully qualified to work with horses.

 Due to my holistic overview and background, I approach each treatment considering the integrated systems and complete client health as a whole, taking into account physical, social and mental well-being. 


 My life long love of horses and passion for the massage industry bought about a change of direction for my career in 2015 and the unique merging of horse and rider treatments together was born. I recognised how my specific skills and abilities to work with the body could also hugely benefit the ridden horse and support the riders needs, where there are many external factors that can effect the natural musculoskeletal balance and biomechanics required in all disciplines of riding.


 My passion for equine sports therapy stemmed from having ridden since childhood and getting that burning obsession with horses that stayed with me throughout the years as I continued with my equine education, to now caring for and supporting my veteran horse. My empathy for animals teamed with my interest and knowledge of the anatomy-naturally bought up questions about the horse and rider relationship and how it could be improved upon.


 I saw how vital it is that we keep the musculoskeletal system healthy and well balanced, not only to optimise performance but for eliminating pain and discomfort in the body that can so easily go unnoticed!  


 I went on to further my education and skills achieving:

• Level 3 Sports Therapy UK, under Tim Paine and other renowned sports science tutors

• Equine Rehabilitation and Sports massage Therapy with Equissage Europe, under the amazing tuition of Hypnotherapist and chartered Physiotherapist Helen Woolley.


 I attend CPD training on a regular basis in both equine and ‘human’ therapies to ensure that I am up to date with relevant evidence based research, new techniques and modalities within her scope of practice. 


 I am a very professional, personable and thorough practitioner with a genuine passion for my work, I have a patient and calm manner around horses and deliver a unique service to benefit both horse and rider that is vital in any riding partnership.

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